Top 10 Girls in Year 2010

A very eventful and successful 2010 year is gradually coming to an end. pemandanganmata would like to take the opportunity to wish all our followers a Happy New Year 2011 and thank you for your support throughout.

Looking back through 2010, here's a Top 10 quick recap of some of the Most Popular, Prettiest, Sexiest, Hottest Girls of 2010. (* based on most pageviews collected from Google Analytics)

1. Yoyo Xu Xiangting 徐湘婷 from Taiwan

Incredibly busty Yoyo Xu became an Internet sensation after a large set of her personal intimate photos were hacked. She is young, pretty and has the assets! With all the hypes, no doubt Yoyo is our best-selling Most Popular Girl in 2010!

2. Kingboo 陈悦 from Shanghai, China

Like many other pretty girls from China, Kingboo 陈悦 possessed a pair of big beautiful eyes and sharp small face. Over the years, this young girl has grown up to be a gorgeous looking lady. Whether it's naturally or surgically, Kingboo is still a popular figure in China.

3. Ayuki Huang Meixi 黄美熙 from Guangxi, China

Ayuki Huang Meixi 黄美熙 is a model working for a Chinese fashion magazine known as Ray Li 瑞丽 since 2005. Ayuki constantly shares her make-up tips and techniques in her blog and she is very popular among the young Netizens.

4. Vienna Lin 連綺嵐 from Hong Kong

Vienna Lin 連綺嵐 quickly rose to fame after openly demonstrated her moaning and oral intimate techniques on a guy's finger in several online videos. Though she might not be very pretty, but she is definitely bold, daring and has the 'skills'.

5. Alodia Gosengfiao from QC, Philippines

Alodia Gosengfiao is one of the most prominent cosplayer in Asia. Currently dubbed as the "Cosplay Queen/Princess" of the Philippines, she has been recognized as the one responsible in putting cosplay on a higher level.

6. Khoo Bee Bee from Penang, Malaysia

Unlike the rest of the girls who mainly consist of popular celebrities, models or bloggers, Khoo Bee Bee is considered low profile and could be your pretty girl-next-door. I'm proud of you Bee Bee!

7. KT So from Los Angeles, USA

KT So is a super hot Chinese import model who was born and raised in Hong Kong in her younger years before moving to Los Angeles. KT has definitely proven that the Chinese beauties aren't left behind in the modeling industry.

8. Alina Xu Zhiqi 徐芳熙 from Taiwan

Alina Xu Zhiqi 徐芳熙 is a beauty pageant representing Taiwan and from a mixed parentage between Taiwanese and German. Alina has the body-to-die-for, height and a stunning Eurasian face at certain angles.

9. Natalie Lynn from KL, Malaysia

Natalie Lynn is born to a Malaysian Chinese and Eurasian Welsh. A hardcore party-goer, a beauty queen and a super model - Natalie became Miss Malaysia Tourism in 2004 and followed by Miss Malaysia Chinese World 2005.

10. Liu Yuqi 刘羽琦 from Jiangsu, China

Liu Yuqi (刘羽琦) is also known as one of the "Most Beautiful Chinese Woman on the Web". In 2009, she signed a contract with Avex, a Japanese entertainment company, and took on the Japanese name, Izumi (Izumiia).

Meanwhile, for our next Top 10 Most Rated Girls of 2010 (* based on our star rating engine)

1. Yoyo Xu Xiangting 徐湘婷 from Taiwan

No doubt it is Yoyo Xu again as the Most Rated Girls of 2010 with an average rating of 4.29/5.

2. Alina Xu Zhiqi 徐芳熙 from Taiwan

Alina Xu Zhiqi 徐芳熙 snaps the second spot with an average rating of 3.89/5.

3. Jane Chuckei from KL, Malaysia

Jane Chuckei is a popular pretty blogger from Malaysia with an average rating of 4.33/5.

4. Christine Lim (Eewaka) from KL, Malaysia

Christine Lim, or better known as Eewaka, is a sweet young 17 years old blogger from Malaysia with an average rating of 4.1/5

5. Elly Tran Ha from Vietnam

Elly Tran Ha is one of the hottest Vietnamese model with an enviable cute face, petite and busty F-cup body. Elly definitely stirs up your imagination with an average rating of 4.41/5.

6. Vienna Lin 連綺嵐

Vienna Lin 連綺嵐 maintains her position in the Top 10 Most Rated with her 'skills' at an average rating of 3.67/5.

7. Dawn Yang from Singapore

Dawn Yang is a popular Singaporean blogger who is most famous for her good looks and controversy over her looks that were enhanced by plastic surgery. Despite having a spot in the Top 10 Most Rated, Dawn only has an average rating of 2.9/5 - I wonder why.

8. Sun Qian Ying (孙倩颖) from Beijing, China

Sun Qian Ying (孙倩颖) instantly became China's Internet sensation after sharing her sexy hot photos in the Internet. However, her devilish body only earns her an average rating of 3/5.

9. Miyake Wong from Singapore

Miyake Wong is one of personal favorite who is deeply obsessed with Japanese culture, cosplay, animes, superly sexy figurines and video games. Good thing she made it to the Top 10 with an average of 3.84/5 - come on fans!

10. Alodia Gosengfiao from QC, Philippines

Alodia Gosengfiao's cosplaying earns her average rating of 4.56/5.


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